Paradisiac island of the Lake Bois-Franc at only 1 km of the village St-Adolphe d'Howard

Lake Bois-Franc is an old drinkable water source of the village. It is fed by multiple rivers and a main lake, splendid environment bordered by a forest mainly made up of leafy trees. Our lake is only  one  kilometer away from the heart of the village. No motorboats are authorized on the lake. 500 feet from the shore, a 55000 square feet paradisiac island, completely private and surrounded by forest, awaits you there. A pontoon is available to go across the lake to the island. Two single kayaks and two boats are also available to fully enjoy the summer. You have your own sand beaches with wharf, peace and perfect intimacy but also very close to all the services. Just beside the country cottage, you have a very wide open space to enjoy any kind of sport. To complete the adventure and to make the whole fairy-like, in winter, we go across the lake to the island in snowshoes or ski touring and a tobbogan for luggage or children in only 5 minutes.





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